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(Revised on 13 July, 2023)

All our software products come with a trial period that allows you to use them for free for 15 days. Then, if you are satisfied with the software and want to continue using it, you must purchase a license key and activate it in the program in order to continue to use it.

If payment is made by credit card or PayPal, we will process the payment and send the licence key within a few minutes. Sometimes payments may be marked for manual verification, which usually takes a little longer to verify.

We issue refunds for Kerish Products within 30 days of the original purchase of the product. The money back guarantee does not apply to orders placed with Kerish Products resellers or partners, or through any other unauthorised channels.

How to perform a refund?

The user can submit a request to the sales department or technical support through any of the convenient channels. The request must state that user wish to issue a refund. Sometimes we ask that the refund request include the customer's first and last name, order number and email address used during the purchase process.

Refunds are usually processed within 7 working days, however this may vary depending on payment method. After the refund is processed, the licence key for the product will be blocked.