Kerish Cloud: smart cloud technology

Kerish Cloud Kerish Cloud is a smart cloud technology used in Kerish Products that can determine the reputation of files, software, and other objects.

User participation in Kerish Cloud makes it possible to quickly gather and collectively update information about new objects, sources of threats, and other useful information.
User's personal information is not collected during this process.

You can read more about the data that is transmitted to Kerish Cloud in the User Agreement.

Kerish Cloud

An example of a user changing an application's reputation in Kerish Doctor
The changes are automatically sent to Kerish Cloud, and the final result is pushed out to all users

What are the advantages of using Kerish Cloud?
  • Kerish Cloud allows users to assess the reputations of programs, services, and web browser extensions, as well as the importance of startup objects, and will automatically share this data with other users.

  • When suspicious behavior is detected, Kerish Cloud automatically transmits information about this activity to the Kerish Products analysis center.
  • This allows our team to respond quickly to new threats and better track suspicious processes on your computer while significantly reducing the number of false positives that the software will report in the future.
If you wish, you can disable Kerish Cloud in the application's settings.