Real-time Failure Detection System: crash-prevention technology

Real-time Failure Detection System Real-time Failure Detection System is a unique system for detecting and preventing many Windows and software failures in real time that is used in Kerish PC Doctor.

This system continuously monitors the most important parts of the operating system.
It checks Windows settings, information about drivers, system services, the system registry structure, and the status of various system components.
Its aim is to detect the conditions that precede Windows and software crashes.

If any of bad conditions are detected, you will be prompted to rectify the situation in order to prevent a potential crash.

Example of a warning of a detected failure
Our technology currently allows you to AUTOMATICALLY identify and prevent these failures:
  • Failures and malfunctions of various equipment: CD/DVD drives, keyboards, mice, etc.
  • Failures leading to the complete loss of system audio
  • Problems with identifying new devices
  • Crashes of important system services, which may cause software to seriously malfunction
  • Errors launching various types of files (EXE, COM, BAT, LNK, SCR, REG, etc.)
  • Printer crashes and errors when working with printers
  • System recovery errors
  • Malfunctions of Windows management tools
  • Errors installing programs that use Windows Installer
  • Malfunctions of function keys on the keyboard
  • Task Manager crashes
  • Loss of the desktop, the language bar, or other important elements

It is important to note that the database of failures and errors is constantly being updated by our specialists.

This technology, in combination with regular repairs of system registry errors, makes Kerish PC Doctor the most advanced set of tools for combating Windows crashes and errors.