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Kerish PC Doctor

Health care for your computer 24/7

Your computer's personal doctor. Monitor your hardware, prevent Windows crashes in real time, fix errors, and defend against viruses. More than 17 years on the global market. 75 million installs

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Kerish Disk Health

Predict disk lifespan (SSD & HDD)

Monitor the physical condition and temperature of your disks 24/7. Predict remaining service life. See the current percentage of your disk's remaining life. Support for most solid-state drives and hard disks


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17 June 2024 - We are pleased to announce that the active development of our new product, Kerish Disk Health, is currently under...

1 December 2023 - Best wishes to everyone for the New Year! During December and the New Year's holidays, until January 15, 2024, ...

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