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New Product: Kerish Disk Health

Kerish Disk Health

We are pleased to announce that the active development of our new product, Kerish Disk Health, is currently underway.
This product is designed to predict the remaining lifespan of your disks.

It shows the current percentage of your disk's life and approximately how much time remains before the disk fails.
You will be able to see when the disk's condition approaches a critical level and replace it in time without losing valuable data.
Additionally, Kerish Disk Health will analyze the disk's metrics and provide a report on any parameters that cause concern.
The program supports most solid-state drives and hard disks, including older models.

The release of Kerish Disk Health is scheduled for this year, so stay tuned for updates.
You can learn more about Kerish Disk Health here: https://www.kerish.org/en-us/disk-health.php
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Submitted June 17, 2024

New Year's Offer


Best wishes to everyone for the New Year!
During December and the New Year's holidays, we're giving an additional one year of license for free when you purchase Kerish PC Doctor. Offer ends on January 15, 2024.

We recommend taking advantage of this amazing offer, and we'd like to remind you that any license key you purchase is valid for all future versions of the program.
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Submitted December 1, 2023

Release of Kerish PC Doctor (version 4.95)

Kerish PC Doctor 4.95

We are pleased to inform you about the release of a new version of our product, Kerish PC Doctor (4.95).
The product name was changed to better reflect what it does.

The new version introduces a new hardware monitor that supports the vast majority of known devices.
For the new hardware monitor, we enabled a feature to display the widget on the desktop or on top of all windows.
The widget can show the activity and temperature of PC devices in real time.

The new hardware monitor can now monitor the physical state of the laptop battery and warn the user in advance if it becomes degraded.
In addition, the new hardware monitor can now monitor power supply voltages and warn about voltage failures on the motherboard.

We have added the option of a portable version for a USB drive during installation.
Added a new diagnostic item "Control Panel".

Added new places for clearing "Delivery cache files" digital trash.
Improved the trash cleaning algorithms. They now work better.

Added the feature to auto shut down the PC using a timer, which many users asked for.
Updated the file shredder – Now you can configure methods for erasing information.
Updated the "Internet Booster" tool – New settings were added, and its interface is improved.

Added new recommendations to the Recommendations Center. They can be applied with one click.
Support for touch screens has been improved – The interface is now easy to operate without a mouse. All lists can now be scrolled, and everything can be double-clicked.

Many interface improvements have been made.
In the "Statistics and Reporting" section, you can now filter by event type.
The "Equipment Monitor" section now has two information modes. Compact Mode presents general information, while Expert Mode has more detailed monitoring of all device parameters.
In the "Update Center" section, the display of components in the list has been improved, and the ability to import and export these components has now been added.
You can now copy information from a list in any program tool to the clipboard.

Improved the network code – Crashes that occurred when updating large drivers have been eliminated.
Improved the real-time failure prevention system – Possible false alarms have been eliminated.

The application will automatically update itself to the new version by default.
You can also download the latest version from the official website here: https://www.kerish.org/en-us/download.php
We have done a lot of work, and we hope that the further developments to the product will continue to please you! :)
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Submitted November 16, 2023

New Year's Offer


With best wishes for the New Year!
Over the New Year period, until January 15, 2023, when you buy a license key, we'll give you +1 year FOR FREE.

We recommend taking advantage of this amazing offer, and we'd like to remind you that any license key you purchase is valid for all future versions of the program.
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Submitted December 1, 2022

Multi-channel support

It has always been important for us to provide high-quality support and feedback.
We have done a lot of work to improve the quality of our interaction with you.
From now on, we provide support not only on the official website, but also through all popular messengers, as well as on social networks.

You can send a request to the support service 24/7 via messengers: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber or Skype.
You can also contact us at any time via social networks Facebook or Instagram.
Our support service will carefully consider all your requests and none of them will remain unanswered.
All ways to contact us are available on the official website in the appropriate section.
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Submitted May 19, 2022

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