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RSS Kerish Doctor 2014 can now tackle hardware issues

We are glad to inform you that our Real-time Failure Detection System has learned to identify and fix problems relating to computer hardware. This includes a broad range of problems – from failures of different hardware components (printers, CD/DVD drives, keyboards, mice, etc) to problems with new device detection.


Combined with regular system registry error fixes, this technology makes Kerish Doctor 2014 the most advanced Windows troubleshooting tool.

We’d like to note that Kerish Doctor 2014 has received over 20 highest ratings and awards from independent experts and software reviewers to date. These ratings confirm the outstanding efficiency of the program for solving a broad range of computer problems.

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Soumis 13 avril 2014


RSS Kerish Doctor 2014 (Version 4.55) has been released

This version features deletion of empty folders, "Web Browser Extensions" tool, "Integration with Windows" tool, "Scheduler" tool, "File Shredder" tool.
Cleanup engine was upgraded and added new sections of diagnostics.
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Soumis 25 décembre 2013


RSS New Year's Offer

We are pleased to announce the beginning of New Year promotion!
From December 31, 2013 to January 1, 2014 we give a 25% discount to all license keys.
We recommend to use this offer at time of release the new version of Kerish Doctor 2014 (4.55), which will be released on December 15.
New version contains a number of interesting innovations.
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Soumis 30 novembre 2013


RSS Major update of Kerish Doctor 2013 core

Performed major update of Kerish Doctor 2013 core.
Completely re-written source code of detection errors in the system registry.
Now detection of errors in the registry of 64-bit Windows systems became 40% more efficient.
We are regularly working to improve the algorithms of the program.
Already at the moment Kerish Doctor 2013 is one of the most effective and safe programs for preventing and fixing Windows errors.
But we believe that this is not enough and be sure we will raise the effectiveness of the program to a higher level of all the products in this class.
New version of the program will be released in about a month.
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Soumis 6 novembre 2013


RSS Site localization into Hungarian now available

We have localized Kerish Products offical site into the Hungarian language.
Switching to Hungarian version will be made automatically when it detects Hungarian language in the Internet Browser locale priority.
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Soumis 9 octobre 2013


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