Historial de versiones de Kerish PC Doctor

Version 4.95: (16 November, 2023)

  • Product renamed to Kerish PC Doctor
  • New powerful hardware monitor
  • Desktop widget for hardware monitor
  • Monitoring the physical condition of the device battery
  • Monitoring the power supply voltage on the motherboard
  • Portable version install mode
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category Control Panel
  • Improved garbage cleaning algorithms. Became more efficient
  • New category of digital garbage Delivery Optimization Files
  • Added auto-shutdown of PC by timer
  • Updated file shredder. Configuring information cleaning methods
  • Updated Internet Booster tool. Added new settings and improved interface
  • Added new recommendations to prevent user spying
  • Improved Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added support for Touch screens
  • Interface improvements
  • Network code improved

Version 4.91: (January 24, 2023)

Technical release to change the version of a program due to legal reasons.
This release does not carry changes, please wait for the annual version update this year.

Version 4.90: (14 March, 2022)

  • New interface design
  • New Disk Defrag tool
  • Full integration with S.M.A.R.T disk technology
  • Disk Cleanup component has been upgraded to Disk Optimization: background defragmentation has been added when the PC is idle
  • Added a reminder about new versions of device drivers
  • Ability to add shortcuts to program tools on the desktop by right-click
  • Added the ability to create system restore points in the scheduler
  • Improved scan for vulnerabilities in installed software
  • Added the ability to make a process as priority in the Running Processes tool
  • Added disk rating score to the System Information tool
  • Added many small improvements

Version 4.85: (30 December, 2020)

  • Added the "Driver Update" tool that contains over 100,000 device drivers
  • Added the "Disk Map" tool for analyzing disk space
  • Added the "Driver Manager" tool, which allows you to make backup copies of drivers
  • Cleaning of digital "garbage" is accelerated several times
  • Added the ability to search in the application
  • Added the ability to change the view of sections (icons/list/small list)
  • Update the "Software Update" tool - version updating now appears in the list
  • Update the "Windows Updates" tool - better responsiveness
  • Update the "Empty Folder Cleaner" tool - added basic paths of empty folders + safer delete settings
  • Update the "Search for Large Files" tool - added basic paths of large files + safer delete settings
  • Update the "System Restore" tool - add ability to set a name for the created system point
  • Increased number of program settings
  • Improved display of the report on found problems
  • Added the ability to import, export or reset program settings
  • Added the ability to remember the choice of action for potential vulnerabilities
  • Added new issues solved by the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new recommendations
  • Many small improvements added

Version 4.80: (15 December, 2019)

  • Added component "Apps Live Optimization" to boost PC performance by optimizing CPU time between running processes
  • Added automatic cleaning of uninstalled software leftovers
  • Added cleaning of old downloads (ability to configure cleaning of old files in any folder)
  • Updated the "Installed Software" tool: added complete uninstall (including leftovers)
  • Added the ability to notify about the release of new software versions and help to update it
  • Added weekly report about performed work
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.77: (5 September, 2019)

  • Added the "Fast Search" files using low-level access to the NTFS file system
  • Added the "Windows Update" tool

Version 4.75: (30 June, 2019)

  • Added possibility to change the interface theme (dark, light, etc.)
  • Users can create their own interface themes
  • Optimization interface for large screen resolutions (including 4K)
  • More convenient interaction with the application's interface
  • Added search in program reports
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.70: (31 May, 2018)

  • Added the "Hardware Monitor", which controls the status of PC devices
  • Added the "Task Scheduler Optimization" based on cloud data
  • Added the "Memory Optimization" with automatic background optimization of free memory
  • Added the "Task Scheduler" tool
  • Added the "Opened Ports" tool
  • New tool "Installed software" with a reputation based on cloud data
  • New tool "Web Browser Extensions" with a reputation based on cloud data
  • Updated the "Running processes" tool: new ability to save programs work (automatic restart)
  • Updated the "Check Installed Software" tool: new ability to download software installers
  • Updated the "Network activity" tool: new ability to view UDP connections
  • Improved error correction: added a new category "Domain Map"
  • Added protection against unwanted and malicious extensions of web browsers.
  • Program recommends uninstalling software marked by many users as unwanted
  • Added protection of web browsers from substitution their shortcuts and settings
  • Added protection of DNS settings
  • Added the ability to clean Windows Update Cache
  • Added the ability to clean previous Windows installations
  • Program highlights new and recently discovered objects in the lists
  • Improved display of detected problems in the diagnostic list
  • Improved integration into the Windows context menu
  • Added new issues solved by the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new recommendations
  • Added new tweaks for Windows 10
  • Added Bulgarian and Azerbaijan languages
  • Improved stability of the application
  • Bugs fixed and many small improvements added

Version 4.65: (30 December, 2016)

  • Added the "Startup Optimization" tool based on cloud data
  • Added the "Search Large Files" tool
  • Added the "Search Duplicate Files" tool
  • Added the "Send to Analysis" tool
  • Added the "Domain Map" tool
  • Updated the "Check Installed Software" tool
  • Improved navigation across the program interface (visual tips added)
  • Considerably optimized the performance of the search for digital "junk"
  • Added optional possibility to clean-up application installers
  • Added quick rolling back of fixed problems in the Problem List (by clicking "Ignore the Object" button)
  • Added a possibility to adjust temperature mode thresholds
  • Added a possibility to disable the integration into the Window context menu at first start
  • Added notifications about the deactivation of applications from the black list
  • Added a possibility to scan the domain map (hosts file) for malicious and suspicious records
  • Updated the notification about the detection of vulnerable software
  • Improved the work of the game mode
  • Added threat notification settings
  • Added a possibility to suspend the work of the application
  • Added detailed settings for the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new issues solved by the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new recommendations
  • Added Indonesian language of interface
  • Bug fixed and added a lot of minor improvements

Version 4.60: (31 July, 2014)

  • Added "File Recovery"
  • Added "Locked Files" tool
  • Added "System Information" tool
  • Added "Context Menu" tool
  • Added "Running Processes" tool
  • Added "Network Activity" tool
  • Improved error correction
  • Improved computer protection component
  • Improved Windows integration
  • Improved localization and language support
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.55: (25 December, 2013)

  • Added Deletion of empty folders
  • Added new tool "Web Browser Extensions"
  • Added new tool "Integration with Windows"
  • Added new tool "Scheduler"
  • Added new tool "File Shredder"
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Program Compatibility Assistant"
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Potential Windows Failures"
  • Security engine was upgraded: added Adware/Riskware/Remote-Admin classification
  • "Startup Control" component was upgraded to more global "PC Control"
  • Manual "Cleanup of Junk Files" was upgraded
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.50: (31 May, 2013)

  • Added Tweak Wizard.
  • Added Services Optimization Wizard
  • Added new tool "Windows Services"
  • Added new tool "Confidential Data"
  • Added new tool "File Protection"
  • Added new tool "Ignore List"
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Windows 8 Apps"
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Cache for program descriptors"
  • Added checking installed Software for vulnerabilities
  • New "Intellectual" Game Booster
  • PC temperature control was upgraded: added GPU temperature control and support of several HDDs
  • Real Time Failure Detection was upgraded
  • Added Custom Diagnostics
  • Added new items to Repair Wizard
  • Bug fixed
  • Most of the source code has been rewritten

Version 4.45: (12 October, 2012)

  • Added Software Update Wizard
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Task Scheduler"
  • Important upgrade of Heuristic Registry Scan
  • Recommendation Wizard work was improved: addded new recommendations & Backup function
  • Protection of security settings was improved: added more Microsoft Office & Windows Security settings protection
  • Added new items to Repair Wizard
  • Improved user interface feedback
  • Fixed some small deficiencies

Version 4.40: (31 August, 2012)

  • Added Troubleshooting Wizard
  • Added Recommendation Wizard
  • Added Internet Optimizer Wizard
  • Error fixing was upgraded: add new category "Windows Installer"
  • Security engine was upgraded: new BAT/VBS script analyzer was added. Optimization of scanner performance was done
  • System of Real Time Failure Detection was upgraded. Lot of failures was added to database
  • Added hardware temperature sensor
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language
  • Some interface features became more comfortable
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.37: (3 May, 2012)

  • Pre-release of version 4.40
  • Full redesign of application
  • Interface became more comfortable
  • New "intelligent" security engine
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.35: (18 February, 2012)

  • Error fixing was upgraded: add new category "Games Explorer"
  • Added System of Real Time Failure Detection
  • Added PC temperature control
  • Analysis of the behavior of programs more effective
  • Added error & trash chart in statistics section
  • Full ukrainian language support with sound
  • Source Code optimized
  • Bug fixed

Version 4.30: (31 December, 2011)

  • Error fixing was upgraded: add new category "Browser Helper Objects"
  • Added new tool "Installed Software"
  • Added new tool "System Restore"
  • Some interface changes

Version 4.25: (8 November, 2011)

  • Error fixing was upgraded: add new category "Sound Schemes"
  • Game Booster was upgraded. (Automatically works with fullscreen DirectX Applications)
  • Security engine was upgraded (system settings protection became more effective)
  • Updating of components was upgraded (automatically repair/restore of components)
  • Some interface changes

Version 4.20: (21 October, 2011)

  • Error fixing was upgraded: add new category "Windows Firewall"
  • Threat Notifications was upgraded
  • Memory usage was optimized
  • Trash cleaning became more effective
  • Some interface changes

Version 4.15: (1 October, 2011)

  • Tool "Startup Applications" was upgraded (Now the estimation of startup applications is accessible)
  • Security engine was upgraded (malware detect became more effective)
  • Updating of components was more stable
  • Added last update date information

Version 4.10: (1 September, 2011)

  • Release of Kerish Doctor 2011
  • End of Kerish Doctor Classic support

Version 4.05 Beta: (24 June, 2011)

  • Interface Redesign
  • Bug fixed
  • Release Candidate

Version 4.00 Beta: (17 March, 2011)

  • Release of Beta Version
  • Start of close beta testing