Overview of the technologies are used in Kerish PC Doctor

This section will allow you to get acquainted with the technologies used in Kerish PC Doctor.
We are constantly working to develop the unique technologies that are used in our products.


Logo Kerish Cloud: smart cloud technology
The cloud technology that underlies the assessment of the reputations of files, software, and other objects.

Logo Real-time Failure Detection System: crash-prevention technology
A unique system that can detect and prevent Windows crashes in real time.

Logo Intelligent PC Clean: intelligent PC cleaning technology
The most advanced method for cleaning your computer of digital "trash".

Logo Game Booster: game performance enhancement technology
This technology will unleash the full potential of your computer while you play.

Logo Smart Update: updating system
Regularly updates the Kerish PC Doctor core and database when you access the Internet.

Logo Kerish Deblocker: removes lock screen viruses even after your PC has been blocked
Ability to unblock the computer when you can’t do it yourself.