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RSS New Year's Offer


With best wishes for the New Year!
Over the New Year period, until January 10, 2022, when you buy a license key, we'll give you +1 year FOR FREE.

We recommend taking advantage of this amazing offer, and we'd like to remind you that any license key you purchase is valid for all future versions of the program.
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Submitted 1 December 2021


RSS Development News

Today we'd like to share with you the news about the development of the new version of Kerish Doctor 2022 (4.90).
We are progressing steadily with development and are approaching the home straight.
The new version is almost ready, and we are currently improving and optimizing it.

The new version will include a disk optimization module, as well as "smart" defragmentation when the computer is idle. In this regard, the program will take into account the type of drive and will only work with the corresponding type of disk.
Full integration with S.M.A.R.T. hard disk self-diagnostic technology. This will allow you to more accurately assess the condition and wear of your hard disks in real time. Kerish Doctor will now warn you in advance about the wear and tear of your solid-state drive or hard drive so that you don't lose any important data.
In addition, specific maintenance technologies for Windows 11 are expected in the new version, as well as new tools and types of PC diagnostics.

Unfortunately, in order to bring the release to the quality level that we're aiming for, it is taking more time to improve and optimize it.
Therefore, we have decided to postpone the release date to February 2022.
We are sorry that you will have to wait a little longer, but we want the new version of Kerish Doctor to meet your expectations at the time of release, and we do not want to resort to any compromises in this regard.

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Submitted 30 November 2021


RSS Full support for Windows 11

Windows 11

We are pleased to announce that today a core update has been released to provide full support for Windows 11.
Starting today, Kerish Doctor 2021 officially fully supports the Windows 11 operating system.

We remind you that Windows 11 will be available on October 5, 2021.
Kerish Doctor 2021 is completely ready to work with it.
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Submitted 21 September 2021


RSS Special Offer

Special Offer

We are pleased to announce our special offer and inform you that from April 20 to May 20, 2021, when you purchase any license key, we give +1 year license for FREE! We recommend taking advantage of this offer and note that the purchased license key is valid for all future versions of the program.
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Submitted 19 April 2021


RSS Release of Kerish Doctor 2021 (version 4.85)

The new version includes the long-awaited "Driver Update" tool containing over 100,000 device drivers. It also allows you to install device drivers "from scratch". The driver database will be updated monthly.

In addition, new tool "Driver Manager" is available for working with drivers, which allows you to create backup copies of drivers.

Added a new tool "Disk Map" for convenient analysis of disk space.

Cleaning up digital "trash" now works several times faster.
The usability of the application interface has increased: the ability to search in application has been added, as well as the ability to change the view of sections (icons/list/small list).

Existing tools has been upgraded, the number of settings has been increased, and the ability to import, export or reset program settings has been added.

Added new issues to the Real-time Failure Detection System and added new recommendations.
Among other things, many small improvements has been added.
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Submitted 30 December 2020


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